Regional Development Australia (RDA) Logan & Redlands is part of a national network of committees established by the Australian Governmment to foster regional economic development. RDAs work with all three levels of government, business and the community to boost the economic capability and performance of their regions.

We help facilitate policies, programs and projects designed to strengthen human capital, productivity, infrastructure, access to markets, regional comparative advantage and business competitiveness.

RDA Logan & Redlands works within the Logan City and Redlands City local government areas, where we:

  • Maintain a 3-5 year Regional Plan that focuses on the economic development of our region and takes account of Australian, state and local government plans
  • Advise on priority activities that will drive regional economic development and strengthen comparative advantages, based on consultation and engagement with community leaders
  • Assist local community stakeholders to develop project proposals and help shepherd them to appropriate public and/or private funding sources, including the Australian Government's $1 billion National Stronger Regions Fund
  • Provide advice to the Australian Government on critical issues affecting the region
  • Enhance awareness of Australian Government programs.

RDA Committee and Staff